1.日本G-MARK设计奖 Good Design Award


The Good Design Award was inaugurated in 1957. Products that are recipients of the Good Design Award are authorized to display the “G-Mark”, a symbol of high-quality, convenient, well balanced products. It has been shown that approximately 65% of the Japanese public recognize the symbol. The Good Design Award is one of the most famous design awards in the world.

2. 韩国好设计奖 Good Design Products Selection


The Good Design (GD)Products Selection was inaugurated in 1985 as a system through which the government officially endorses products that are sold or will be sold nationally or internationally as superior products in terms of overall design taking into consideration factors such as form, functionality, and economic competitiveness. The GD system, by recognition and rewarding excellent industrial design products, promotes the advancement of design and encourages innovation and creativity.

3. 美国优秀工业设计奖 Industrial Design Excellence Awards


The Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) are dedicated to fostering business and public understanding of the importance of industrial design excellence to the quality of life and the economy. Winning the IDEA is a distinction like no other that brands companies’ design as the very best in the business, among their peers, clients and consumers all over the world.

4. 德国红点设计奖 Reddot Design Award


Already firmly established in the international design scene for decades, the red dot award has heightened its international significance even more in recent years. Red dot award has reputation of strictest competition rules. Only products that have been on the market for no longer than two years may be submitted. The product must also possess innovative characteristics that set them apart from others in their particular branch of industry. Receiving the red dot quality label is a sign of special appreciation by an international jury.

5. 德国IF设计奖 IF Award


Since its introduction in 1953, the IF design award has developed into an enduring, prestigious trademark. Companies and design studios use IF label as a highly visible trademark indicating their product and service quality in their communications – and the IF award serves consumers of design-oriented product as a valuable decision-making tool in the marketplace. An IF award is a reliable indication of a company’s willingness to embrace innovation and its courage to be compared to the competition.

6.奥地利ADOLF LOOS国家设计奖

Austrian Adolf Loos Design Prize

奥地利ADOLF LOOS国家设计奖是由奥地利经济劳动部主办的两年一届的设计奖项,这个以伞形为标志的设计奖范围广泛,从消费类产品到工业品,从建筑设计到实验性设计。

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Economy and Labour and the Federal Chancellery donates on a biennial basis the Adolf Loos National Design Prize. This umbrella unites as a broad spectrum of areas ranging from product design in the fields of consumer and capital goods to architectural design, as well as to experimental design.

7. 澳大利亚设计奖 Australian Design Awards


The Australia Design Award(DAD),a division of Standards Australia, is Australia’s only national design awards program, recognizing and rewarding excellence in Australian product design and innovation. The Australian Design Award presents to the world the best examples of Australian design and further promotes the value of design investment to Australian industry.

8. 意大利——Compasso d`Oro 设计奖

Italian Compasso d`Oro Award

意大利Compasso d`Oro 设计奖设立于1954年,现在已成为欧洲最重要的工业设计奖之一。由国际著名设计师组成的评委对汽车内饰、工具、机器设备、运动产品、电子产品设计以及平面设计、网页设计等门类进行评比,每届评比都有超过1800件产品获奖。获奖作品在意大利设计及内部装饰画廊进行永久展出,也进行国外巡展。

The Compasso d`Oro ADI award, set-up in 1954 by Gio PONTI, has become in time the most important award in this field in Europe. Awards are granted by qualified international juries to design projects ranging from the car interiors, tools, machines, sports items, electronic appliance down to editorial graphic and web design. During each edition of the award, over 1,800 prizes are awarded. Some awarded products are shown in the permanent exhibition held in the Gallery of Design and interior Decor of Cantu, which manages and organizes reviews and theme exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.

9. 英国设计奖 Design Effectiveness Awards

英国Design Effectiveness 设计奖主要奖励取得了巨大商业成功的设计作品,他的评委由资深企业界、商业界和设计界专家组成。能够获此奖项是设计能够带给产品巨大商业价值的证明,是企业走向成功的战略工具,也显示了企业家和设计师能够取得巨大回报的能力。

The Design Effectiveness Awards reward outstanding examples of commercially successful design. They are judged by senior figures in industry and commerce from all sectors in which design operates. Winning an award can help raise the profile of design both internally and externally, reinforce a company’s commitment to design as a strategic tool for success,as well as identify managers and designers capable of the greatest returns.

10. 比利时Henry van de Velde设计奖

Belgium Henry van de Velde Awards

比利时Henry van de Velde奖在2004年迎来了他的第15个年头,是比利时的国家设计奖

The Henry van de Velde Awards celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2004, and it’s the national design awards of Belgium.

11. 法国Observeur设计奖 French Observeur du Design

法国Observeur设计奖由一个技术委员会负责评选,入围作品被授予Observeur 标志,而更加优秀的作品则由一个独立的评审小组授予Observeur 的星形标志,这个星形标志是专家对作品创新的一个认可。

The Observeur du Design’s selection process is led by a technical committee. Selected designs receive the Observeur label. The more remarkable achievements receive an Observeur star conferred by an independent panel of judges.

12. 西班牙国家设计奖 Spanish National Design Prize


The National Design Prizes are organized together by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology and the Barcelona Design Centre (BCD). The prizes seek to recognize, at an institutional level, excellent and exemplary business or professional careers in the field of design. Two prizes are awarded: one to a company and the other to a designer or team of designers. Companies from the industrial and service sectors are eligible to enter, regardless of their size or sphere of economic activity, as are designers and design team based in Spain who have been nominated by the National Design Prize advisory council.

13. 新加坡设计奖 Singapore Design Award


The Singapore Design Award (SDA) is a prestigious national award given to well-designed and innovative products and packaging. Launched since 1988 by the Design Centre, a division of Singapore Trade Development Board (TDB), the national SDA is part of the national effort to promote good design in Singapore.

14. 丹麦设计奖 Danish Design Prize


The Danish Design Prize, established in 1965 by the Denmark Industrial Design Association (Svenska Industritjnstemannafrbundet:SIF) that

has a mission of promoting good designs. With photos and product outlines submitted from the applicants, which include purpose of development, functions, relation with the environment, a judging panel consisting of designers and architects, make selections.

15. 荷兰设计奖 Dutch Design Awards


The Dutch Design Awards encourage the development of sound design and underscore the added value of design for society and industry.

16. 芬兰优秀设计奖 Fennia Prize


Fennia Prize is awarded every two years to a firm or company for a product or series of products. The award exhibition is not only held in the Helsinki region, but also in other parts of Finland and abroad to achieve the best possible coverage.